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Introducing "Ace Pilot" Group

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Hi all,

So today I'm pleased to announce that we will be launching the "Ace Pilot" group. Being an Ace Pilot will give you exclusive benefits beyond what you get for being a normal member as well as giving you a "Multiplier" on competition entries. Ace Pilots are 4x more likely to win competitions. Other features include.

  • No ads on the site
  • Custom "user titles"
  • Unique Highlighted name to show you are an "Ace Pilot"
  • Invitations to exclusive Game Nights with Prizes
  • Access to "Ace Pilot" competitions
To become an ace pilot, all you have to do is donate to the website. Titanfall gamer is 100% non-profit. Any money raised is re-invested into the Community to make it better. In addition to this, we will randomly choose 1 member to be upgraded to an "Ace Pilot" every 3 months based on their Contribution to the Community.
Why do you need donations?

Contrary to belief, websites are expensive to run. We have to pay for the hosting, development of additional features and many of our own man hours into the site. We are strictly non-profit and we earn nothing from the work we do. We do it because we're passionate about Titanfall and gaming in general.

Don't the ads cover all the expenses?

Several years ago, the answer to this would be "Yes". With more and more users opting to use pop-up blockers and ad-blockers this isn't the case. Although our ads are non-intrusive, lots of websites want to ram them down your throat, so we more than understand this. Sadly, the knock-on effect means that we don't make as much money and the site is not self-funding.
Why should I donate?

It is totally optional. This Website will always remain free. Our aim is to have the ultimate Community for Titanfall. If you would like to donate however, it is massively appreciated by us. It means that we can implement new features and make the Community a much better place for everyone. It also allows us to add more features sooner, rather than wait until we've saved up enough for it to happen out of our own pockets.

Times are hard - we know this. We don't expect you to donate, but if you'd like it to, we appreciate it.

I Don't have any money, but I'd like to help

That's fine and we totally understand. If you would like to help but cannot spare any money, you can support us in other ways.

  • Pre-order Titanfall through pre-order link on the forum sidebar
  • Spread the word on Twitter to your friends
  • Tell your Social circle about the site
  • Assist with running of the website (Roles to be advertised soon)
Why do Ace Pilots get more than Regular members

Don't worry! The ace pilot benefits are in addition to those you'll get as usual members. Being a regular member will still give you access to the same features as before - You won't get less for being a standard member because of the "Ace Pilots". We're dedicated to ensuring this Community is for everyone!

If you have any more questions regarding the "Ace Pilots" membership, please feel free to message me directly.

I want to make a Donation - How do I do it?

You can upgrade your account via "account upgrades" as shown in the photo below.

View attachment 82

You will then be directed to the upgrade page where you can choose your package.

Please note:
We are still working on some of the features, so bear with us whilst we get it fully operational as intended.

Thanks for reading!


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You know what, you and the other staff have done some amazing work on the site. I'd be happy to donate to help improve it further!


Well-Known Member
You know what, you and the other staff have done some amazing work on the site. I'd be happy to donate to help improve it further!

Thanks for the kind words - I have just noticed you are in Hampshire - whereabouts? I am too!


Senior Moderator
Sounds awesome.. I'd definitely be willing to support this great community.

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Content Team
Farnborough, right on the edge near Surrey. Saw @iStemo was in Wokingham too, which isn't that far from me.
Scary thing is both me and Thom grew up in slough and I was always around Cippenham where he was :L The internet is getting smaller and smaller it seems.


Well-Known Member
I'm from Reading so close to @TudorVII and @aNi .The way the forums are moving I will happily donate when I get paid.

Screw it had enough money, you have been donated :)


Premium User
Websites are very expensive. I am glad to support this site as well.

Now I need somebody to show me how to get one of those neat Atlas footers ..................:cool:


Well-Known Member
Websites are very expensive. I am glad to support this site as well.

Now I need somebody to show me how to get one of those neat Atlas footers ..................:cool:

I'll be making some Ace Pilot footers Especially - Stay tuned! Thank you very much for your support - it will help make the Community better.

I cannot wait to show you some of the competitions coming up guys.
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