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Announcement Introducing...a couple of Modern Warfare 2 sites!

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I've recently been pondering about purchasing a call of duty website - [pending] being the beginning of that. During GDC (Game Developers Conference) Activision launched modernwarfare2.com and unveiled the teaser trailer for Modern Warfare 2 (sans the Call of Duty name).

I don't know if they'll be using the call of duty name or not, but based on the hype surrounding modernwarfare2.com name itself, it leads me to believe IW doesn't want to use the Call of Duty name, or that Activision thinks that they want to use the call of duty name less in this installament of the series. Much like they did with COD: WAW.

Anyway, without further ado:

mw2forums.com and mw2boards.com

They aren't online right now, but rest assured, I'll launch them. I have confidence that these two sites will help bring in more users. I needed a niche traffic, and these two will become the flagship forums of my call of duty website.
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