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H Hour: World's Elite (Former Creative Director on Socom 1&2)

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Fo Realz

New Member
I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forums, or a little invasive, but this needs to be heard and this time it is in the right place. Please don't remove.

A new game in the works. This company is a unique breed. 17 year Special Forces Operator Connor, Thomas (Read more about him on the website)and 22 year Veteran David Sears. He who has made the critically acclaimed Socom US Navy Seal 1 & 2, that which sold millions upon millions if combined. Also A Entrepreneurial clan leader that have teamed up to bring to you something that hasn't properly for over 10 years.. They are kick starting a indie project name H Hour: Worlds Elite. Thee hope isto recapture the moments of Socom 2 and bring that type of fun back to a much needed bland shooter genre.

Kickstarter Page - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1687497632/h-hour-worlds-elite-0
Everything you could ever want to know just about is here.

Website for the studio/game - http://sofstudios.com/index.php?/page/index.html
Support the game and let your voice be heard in the forums (honestly the funnest website I've ever been apart of, aside from Gamebattles/SocomBattles)

Without your support this game will not launch, and it will be severely disappointing to the people that loved and cherished Socom. If you are a tactical shooter fan then you should check this out.

What: Reddit IAmA Open Q&A

When: June 15th, 12pm - 6pm (EST)

Where: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/

David Sears will be hosting a Reddit IAMA event this Saturday, the 15th, starting at 12pm to 6pm (EST). This will act as an open Q&A where you can feel free to ask him just about anything.

We will be posting a update about 30 minutes prior to the event going live on Saturday that will contain the link for you to access and get some questions in early.

If you wish to participate in the event you will need to sign up for an account over on reddit which is completely free & doesn't even require your email address. Visit http://www.reddit.com/ and look for the registration links in the upper right hand portion of the page.

See you over there!

Remember SOCOM! Exlicit content 18+. Youve been warned.


Well-Known Member
Stop spamming these threads. Creating a topic about this is fine, but make one more and you're a goner. :)

I've never played SOCOM, but this does look interesting.

matt best

Active Member
Stop spamming these threads. Creating a topic about this is fine, but make one more and you're a goner. :)

I've never played SOCOM, but this does look interesting.
You cant make threads about kickstaters here? Just for future info

matt best

Active Member
Ah i see we should have a kickster thread in one of the sections cause i know from time to time i run into some cool ones

Fo Realz

New Member
Sorry about the spam of threads. Trying to get the message to as many people as these forums allow me too. I originally made 2 and figured they were deleted because they were in wrong forum.

Check this out Playstation supporters. Update#9 You can now guarantee a ps4 launch through kickstarter, rather than just hoping. We need 500 people to back the Playstation Warrior reward. (The 200k goal must be completed by the 7th of July or no money will be charged and the game will not be funded for a Demo for the investors).

David "Doctor BOOM" Sears, Creative Director of The early Socom's. Answered a bunch of question on reddit.com in the IAMA section.

Will this launch on PS4?
If the goal is reached for the kickstarter, and 500 people need to back the $50 Playstation Reward Tier. With that comes a digital copy of the game, among other cool


What is the intended speed of the game in comparison to SOCOM 1/2?
Generally the same. Characters should not be tanks. The action is more important than the animation.

Will there be body armor?
This is part of a discussion elsewhere. It's going to be up to the community to guide the final decision on the effects of this.

Jump to climb?
Another one for the community to collaborate on.

How many players per team?
The goal is 8 v 8 with spectator support.

Will the focus of the game be round-based or respawn?
Round based but you can enable respawn if you wish. Respawn games are not intended to be ranked.

How will rounds work? Alternating sides or no?
My thinking is alternating.

Map Sizes?
Varied. Some smaller, more dense urban maps. Some larger more open rural maps. Some desert. Some arctic. Some jungle.

Is this game leaning toward more realistic such as a simulator, or in the direction of games like SOCOM 1/2?
Totally SOCOM I/II. We've got good games out there that do the simulator thing already.

Push to talk?
Will be talking with the community about this before a final decision. Maybe "pushing to talk" with the community...

Describe the ranking system in the game.
If you liked the way we did it in SOCOM you will like the H-Hour version. Plus we're going to add alternate ranking systems that will honor non-traditional players


What are some of your ideas for the game we don't know about yet?
I have many. Your question is like having Aladdin's lamp and wishing for more wishes. You will have to be more specific. :)

What is your favorite SOCOM game?
SOCOM II for sure.

Reached $50,000 in 10 days. 20 more to go. Check it out if you haven't. We are picking up steam. Thanks for supporting us. <3

80,000 hit not to long ago. 15 days left.


!00K reached!! 13 Days left. + New character screen shots in the update section. Very coool one with a terrorist on a map.

Fo Realz

New Member
If you're talking about single player, than yes. They will make a fully functional multiplayer for launch Then they will be working on finishing single player along with maps for online multiplayer. Not sure if you're going to have to pay extra for single player or if you will receive it for free. This is all due to having a low budget.

matt best

Active Member
If you're talking about single player, than yes. They will make a fully functional multiplayer for launch Then they will be working on finishing single player along with maps for online multiplayer. Not sure if you're going to have to pay extra for single player or if you will receive it for free. This is all due to having a low budget.
Well in the class rewards it mentions getting dlc for free so if its multiplayer or the campaign i dont know

Also there doing this in southern pines which is around 2 and a half hours from my house hopefully if they get funded theyll do studio tours or something so i can go

Fo Realz

New Member
That's true, if you decide to go up to that tier of rewards. I'm sure if you choose that one with free DLC you will definitely get the singleplayer for free. That is a good question though, I'm gonna ask Mr Sears tonight, and see what he says.

Yeah man, that would be sweet!

125k reached. 11 Days left. 75k to go. Lets get it shooter fans. This will be one to remember.

182,773k; 1,959 Backers; 5Days 21Hrs Left. Come on guys lets get this to 300,000 thousand so we can add more features to the demo and get more rewards!

Very Early level to H Hour multiplayer.

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