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Good old days

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New Member
I'm sitting here playing call of duty doing work like I use to in the old days, anyone ever have those days?


New Member
Six days of my average week consist of playing call of duty and working. The other day just consists of call of duty haha. I like it for when I work because of the short 10 minute games. It forces me to get back to work pretty quickly.


New Member
To be honest, I can get into Black Ops more then Ghost. The Zombies games are fun too. That's what puts it over the top for me.


New Member
This is awesome, I just had a day like this. I never got that good at call of duty because I used to just spawn kill and do random things. My favorite thing to do was spawn tubing and in my first game I got 2 direct hits! I once had a kill at WMD where I jumped off the big ladder did a 360, double y'ed no-scope across the map into a guy who had a death machine. He never watched the killcam either.


New Member
Think i racked up 34 days game time on Call Of Duty 4 played that 7 days a week for months. Loved every moment of it, Now it's a occasional few hours every other day. Growing up sucks.

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