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PSVita Games U want in 2015

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Well-Known Member
I hope I get these games in 2015:

Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Persona 4 - Dancing All Night

Gravity Rush 2

Danganronpa - Another Episode

XBlaze Lost: Memories


Tales of the Borderlands

Criminal Girls

One Way Trip

Walking Dead Season 3

Grim Fandango

Day of the Tentacle


Tokyo Ghost Busters

Duke Nukem Megaton Edition

If I do - 2015 will be a good year for me and my VITA.

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Well-Known Member
Persona 4 - Dancing All Night
Grim Fandango (despite having played this for more than 15 years, playing in HD on the Vita screen is worth the money).
Digimon - SHUT UP! I can dream :mad:


Actually, there isn't much to look forward to, but then again, I've a shopping list of older games I've not got round to playing yet, so no worries.

Blue Flare

Well-Known Member
Gravity Rush 2 . I'd have mixed feelings if it were to be multi plat for PS4/Vita. If it is just a PS4 exclusive, That'll let us know that Sony has abandoned the device.


Well-Known Member
Gravity Rush 2 . I'd have mixed feelings if it were to be multi plat for PS4/Vita. If it is just a PS4 exclusive, That'll let us know that Sony has abandoned the device.

That is the major release I'm waiting for. I could not imagine Sony releasing the game for Ps4 only. I want GR2 really bad:


Lord Phelan

Well-Known Member
atm. only htoL#niq

after bountiful 2014 next year seems like a grim future

Oh maybe also Oreshika but only if it will get retail.
I know I can only dream of it, but a freaking WWE game. I actually bought a Vita hoping that they would make one for the Vita at least, even with dumbed down graphics. And an open world game similar to GTA, or an actual GTA game that's entirely new (or port, like all other games).


Active Member
From the titles mentioned in the video.

Gravity Rush 2 - the first game felt unpolished and rushed but the series has a lot of potential.

And my god is the video lacking.

Other titles i can think of are Oreshika, Tokyo Twilight, Persona 4 - Dancing All Night and the "firefly diary" or what ever that NISA platformer's names was.

I think there's more to look forward but those all that i can think of right now.


New Member
i'm wishing fer SRWOG titles. A LOT of them!
edit: i would suggest to browse to play-asia.com to see upcoming release or preorder titles of psvita games. (this is not promotion just for information)


Active Member
I want a new FPS,TPS and Survival Horror game.

Such as:

Splinter Cell
Resident Evil
Prince of Persia
Call of Duty

And yep Ninja Gaiden 3 would be awesome.


Well-Known Member
A "The Last of Us" spinoff/prequel revolving around the story of Sam and his older brother. Sony could sell a lot of units with this, and it would be a fun way to add to the universe.

Any AAA games.


Active Member
Wasn't a Duke Nukem game supposed to come to Vita? Is it gonna take 10 years to develop?

I don't know about US but Europe just got a vita/ps3 version of the version of Duke 3D that includes three expansions.

EDIT: Apparently some people screwed up and the game wasn't suppose to be released yet so it's going to be taken down. Supposedly the actual release date is on January next year.

I wonder if it's legal issue because i otherwise don't see any reason to not to release it right now if it's finished.
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Active Member
Freedom Wars
Soul Sacrifice
Sword Art Online : Hollow Fragment
DanganRonpa : Trigger happy havoc
DanganRonpa : GOODBYE despair.
Final Fantasy X HD

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