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Favourite Playstation Games?

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Although I don't have personally any Playstation consoles, I have played them games at my childhood friend's house, moved far away from me currently, during Summer vacation and Xmas holidays. My personal favourites are : all the "Tales" games and "Kingdom Hearts" games for me personally at least anyways. What about you? What are your favourite Playstation games in your view?


New Member
At the moment, there are two video games which are my favorite games on Playstation. They are God of War Ragnarok and Elden Ring. They were both released last year. I have already completed playing God of War Ragnarok but Elden Ring is more difficult.


New Member
FIFA was my favourite Playstation game because I'm a football freak fan. I played all the FIFA games on Playstation consoles including the last FIFA 23 before they switched to EA Sports FC.

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