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Do you think COD is going downhill?

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To be honest, CoD has been remapped and reskinned since Cod 4 & WaW, now I'm not saying AW wasn't an improvement because it was. BUT even then the whole exo skeleton idea really wasn't played with. They didn't even beta the game to see how people reacted to it.
CoD BO3 is nice. I'm glad Treyarch has finally stepped up their game. But still this "future" shit is getting old as fuck. I wanna blow peoples arms and heads off with an AK47.


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CoD has been going downhill for several years now. It's just a giant cash cow for Activision at this point. Every time they take a step forward in one area of the franchise, they're taking 3 steps back in others. I've pretty much abandoned the franchise at this point.


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Yes, the Call of Duty series is not going anywhere. If I did say so myself, I'd say that it is going downhill. I personally hate the newer COD's that come out because they're the same and boring. It's getting more and more futuristic and I really dislike it Some people like it more, but I liked the older style Call of Duty's better like World at War and Modern Warfare 2. Now it's about robots that are robots..


I couldn't say either or. I feel like COD has quite the stigma now, for being the "stupid frat bro-like" thing to play. Like it's not for "normal" gamers. That definitely doesn't help some of the declining features and fanbase going with it. However, I still feel like there are a lot of fans that stick around for other things, like the evolving "zombie" modes with black ops. But it's definitely declined from where it was initially.


I don't think it is going down. With the great success of its latest release Call of Duty: Warzone, it is just a prove that it is one of the most popular battle royale series out there and certainly competing very well with the likes of Fortnite and PUBG. If you haven't start playing Warzone yet then I strongly recommend you to give it a go and I am pretty sure that you will like it. Not sure, where to start? Visit downsights.com to get great tips, guides and all the information you need about COD: Warzone.


I have good reasons to believe that the Call of Duty franchise isn't as it used to be and it's really sad.

But since Microsoft have purchased Activision-Blizzard, let's see if they up the game once again.


I think so in recent years it has gone downhill. I've lost nearly all interest in the franchise. The last Call of Duty I really enjoyed and sank a lot of time into was Black Ops 3 where I ran a small clan with my boyfriend Smokey. I haven't really enjoyed Call of Duty much since then and don't have much desire to try the newer games.

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