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Do you make money online?

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New Member
There are a lot of ways to earn money online.
Freelancing, writing paid content ( articles, forum posts, blog comments ), SEO for someone, making videos on YouTube and much more.

The question is how do you make money online?

Sometimes I sell forum threads and posts to get a small income.


Staff member
I make money off sites that I launch, acquire, and build. I used to write for gaming sites in the past, but no more. I'm done with it. I could write paid content, but in the end, it won't benefit me in the future. Paying someone to SEO a site doesn't do anything, either. Eventually, you get banned for it.

In the future, I will be a full-blown entrepreneur, but till then, I'm staying the way I am now. I don't like it much, but hey, I need to market myself, build up my brand, and reach the right people.


Nope not really, some basic graphic designs but I work full-time in construction so I'm okay for now lol.


Someday, one day, who knows? Someday I suppose...
I don't, but I have family that do My cousin actually makes a living off of YouTube. His father also sells various wares on etsy. It's pretty cool that people can make a living this way.
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