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I purchased DestinyOverwatch.com's entire site, which includes files, database, and related domains. I've only upgraded the forum to xenForo 2. I've been testing the viability of the site for months before moving it to Destiny2Forum.com which I also purchased before the actual acquisition of DestinyOverwatch. It was a calculated move on my part to make sure I capitalized on the impending release of Destiny 2. I posted news here and there, the traffic remained throughout the acquisition, but I did not see any conversion from any of the traffic I made. No ad revenue, no user participation, nothing. I left it alone for a while to test more and more. Understanding what's going on behind the scenes - I will look at the data in the future to help me more.

I think that Destiny 2 failed on many factors. And sites like DestinyOverwatch/Destiny2Forum.com suffered. I've always wanted a Destiny site. However, that ship seems to have sailed. I'm sorry, guys. I really am. I tried to keep it alive after the Destiny 2 release.

Some players were looking for other players, and that's the only thing that kept the site going. But I need to free up the xenForo license to use it on an upcoming acquisition. I purchased a PlayStation 4 Forum to eventually launch a PlayStation 5 Community. :)

When Destiny 3 comes around, I'll use this site as a base.
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