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PSVita Currently Playing Thread (On The Vita)

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Just to get a general idea on what games are being played the most on the Vita, lets all share.

Doesn't have to be full retail games, it can be anything. Minis, PSone, PSP, downloadable games, etc.

For me, I've just bought Everybody's Tennis PSP. As people might gather, I love EB on the Vita, so I thought I'd give ET a shot. It's pretty darn good. The story mode is clever feature. It makes the game feel like a full package. Pity the music is a bit too cutesy. It plays better than Virtua Tennis IMO as you have to be more specific on when you press your serves, and you somehow feel like you have more control on where you're serving.

Also playing... Everybody's Golf Vita >.<

Sadly, I can't buy the latest games I want whilst abroad (I want Sonic Racing, but I'm not paying £29.99 for a digital copy) so I'm making do with the library I have *Sigh*

So what's everyone else playing?


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Currently playing Sonic & Allstar Racing Transformed which I've had for a couple of weeks now. Going through the world tour to try and unlock a few characters. Also played a couple of minis called Velocity and Wizorb which I got for free today that I will be playing again. Velocity especially seems like a cracking little game, loved it.

Capt T

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How Is ragnorak?
Wanna buy it tbh
I really like it. It is fun to play co-op (you have to use the party to chat, and start in the party before joining an online room in game). it is more mission based than story based kind of game. Your character's stats level up only at the end of chapters, but there is a card system where as you find cards, you can use them in your armor to affect your stats. And you improve your weapons with stuff you pick up along the way.


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Persona 4 Golden.
Crimson Gem Saga.
When Vikings Attack.

Will get back to Crimson after I finish one round of P4G. Viking is only played when I want a short game :p


The Eternal Poster
well I just restarted fallout new vegas... digging up some good memories. But on Vita I spend time with Persona 4


I feel bad for you guys playing Persona 4 cause once you beat it your life will be meaningless....Thats how i feel right now

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