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Official Thread Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Staff member

Name: Call of Duty: Ghosts - CODGhosts for short
Release Date: November 5th for Current Generation consoles, launch title with Next Generation consoles (TBD)
Genre: FPS/Tactical FPS
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision Publishing

Initial Teaser Trailer for CODGhosts

Behind the Scenes with Call of Duty Ghosts:

Call of Duty Ghosts Reveal Trailer:

CODGhosts vs MW3 engine comparison:

CODGhosts engine comparison [CODGhosts Current Gen vs Next Gen]:


Staff member
Here are single player and other info...

Single Player "Into the blue" Gameplay:

Call of Duty Dog "Riley" Gameplay:

CODGhosts engine not entirely new:

CODGhosts will feature new gameplay mechanics:


Active Member
COD games/franchise have been successful in sales, but I don't really associate these developers to ground breaking
game engine advancements. If there's any word on them adding destruction for multi-player then I'll probably take a second look, but I don't believe they've put that money into developing anything further than what they had 3 years ago.

Granted, I haven't stayed up to date with the IW engine, mainly from their history.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IW_engine But I expect the same game play, with just a new colour of glitter.

Dynamic maps.... pfff, please. Give me destruction like the Frostbite Engine and that's my level of dynamic.

Battlefield 4>COD:G for both Multi-player and Single.
I'll still play the single player though. I've always liked their cinematic single player.
Ghost Town Prypiat, ooof! beauty. - I had S.T.A.L.K.E.R SOC on call at the same time and it was like travelling
between times. :)


Well-Known Member
Hope the new co-op is better than MW3 spec-ops. MW3 Spec-ops was pretty much a copy of the campaign missions. MW2 at least made the spec-ops somewhat different from the campaign missions.

Von Flue Choke

Active Member
Although I prefer treyarc, this will be my first ps4 game purchase. It's COD, the game you love to hate, and for some reason spend a whole lota time with.


Well-Known Member
Anyone know if IW is keeping Treyarch's score streaks from BO2? I don't think I could handle going back to kill streaks.


New Member
Not a big fan of Call of Duty. Call of Duty 4 was the last COD that i really liked. Maybe Ghosts will turn that around.


Active Member
I prefer score streaks, more challenging bcuz then people would actually want to do the objective instead of camping trying to go into a killstreak


Well-Known Member
I prefer score streaks, more challenging bcuz then people would actually want to do the objective instead of camping trying to go into a killstreak

I wouldn't necessarily say it makes it any more or less challenging, but kill streaks have no business in objective based modes. Kill streaks are perfectly fine for TDM/DM, but that tosspot who does nothing but farm kills in CTF shouldn't be rewarded for being useless. Players should be rewarded for appropriately contributing.

For example: I love CTF, and I'll often go an entire match with only 1 or 2 kills because I am busy carrying the flag (I usually end up with 2-3 caps per match). With kill streaks, I am literally being punished for playing the way I'm supposed to be. With score streaks, capturing the flag scores me big points, so I can call in something useful like a VSAT to help me avoid ambushers or an air strike to knock out the EFC.


Well-Known Member
Will probably pick this up with my PS4, for as much hate the COD games get for their popularity they are still fun and actually always come loaded with content.


Well-Known Member
I'm usually a Treyarch COD player, but I'll at least see what this one is all about. I plan to get both COD and Battlefield next gen, despite the fact that I only really play COD when I don't want to think lol. Honestly though, Ghost hasn't really impressed me yet and it's sort of let me down in some respects. I remember standing in line for MW3 because my GF at the time really wanted it at midnight and we got burned badly XD. Never again.

I'm gonna wait to see how this actually turns out, but chances are I'll just until Treyarch's version next year.


Well-Known Member
I like having more customization options rather than playing as some randomly generated soldier. Also, the squad system looks interesting. Quite a lot of tweaks and changes to the MP system this time around. Unfortunately, none of those are enough to make me want to go out and buy this on day one.

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