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Are aliens dead? Are we alone?

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Okay, so I was just minding my own business reading e-mails, and I was then treated to an article called "Why haven't we found aliens yet? Maybe they're all dead." And I thought: What? This has been a widespread discussion for years, not even just recently. But going back to the first-ever landing on the moon.

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated with the idea of aliens. In fact, I was scared of aliens since I learned of them. I made a big deal of it with family, friends, and acquaintances. I was just a stupid kid. Anyway, I do believe they exist, and they are with evidence over the years. However, we live in a galaxy that is vast. As Star Trek and other space films has shown us, our imagination is correct: We are just one galaxy of the entire universe. Men in Black for example gave me something to think about... What drives this universe? Who is controlling it?

We know that gas created our universe. Gas. Yeah, the ones that you use fuel for your cars. Those. Gas, the ones that radiate a room if opened. Those.

But do I believe aliens exist? Yes. We've discovered new planets recently, so... what makes you think that we're not alone? I believe there's life beyond the 9 planets that inhabits our solar system that we know it today. But there are reports of 10th planet. More info at Wikipedia.

The question CNET is asking: Are aliens dead? I say... No. You?


Suck the weenie!
We are aliens!

I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones on the universe, but I also believe that they're not monster looking.

Technologically advanced? maybe, but not every planet.

Could be ice age in one planet, and some sort of dinosaurs in another.

Alexei Zadornov

Active Member
I think they conclusion is a bit too harsh. In fact, most of the planet doesn't have a stable weather. However, there are zillions of planets out there. So, at least some planet most have a stable weather.

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