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  1. Carlos

    No more free PS3 and PSVita games on PlayStation Plus after 2019

    It has been known for a while that Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment) plans to stop pushing free PlayStation Plus games for PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita owners in 2019. In an e-mail that they sent to customers for PS3 and PSVita, they announced that in...
  2. PandaRoo

    Selling Two PS Vitas (white & black) + memory chips, 4 games, card case, & shell case

    Hi guys, I know my account is new and that can make people uneasy, but I will more than happily provide any additional photos or answer any questions if that will help. I am selling these as I just no longer play anymore. I originally paid over $600 for what is included, but know that I won't...
  3. S

    PSVita Should i buy Ps vita or no?

    Hello I am thinking to buy a New ps vita this March 2016...But i heard people saying that Ps vita is dead or get a ps3 instead of a VITA! I dont have a good gaming laptop so i was gonna buy it..Is it still good in 2016???