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  1. MergingSine

    Russian Sniper Montage (In The Name of the Tsar, Mosin Nagant, Aggressive Scout)

    So the new DLC called: In The Name of the Tsar just came out and I have some cool moments on the new maps!
  2. Carlos

    Battlefield 1's next DLC is called "In the Name of the Tsar"

    On June 10th - before E3 2017 even started, Electronic Arts and D.I.C.E. unveiled their third downloadable content (DLC) for Season Pass owners. The new DLC is called "In the Name of the Tsar," which focuses on a Russian front. In the Name of the Tsar releases in September...
  3. S

    PSN Krazy Operationz Recruitment- PS4

    Hey ladies and gentleman, Krazy Operationz (KOPZ) is now recruiting with the recent release of the platoon system for Battlefield 1. Our platoon is set to open as of now for new members to join. We are registered for clan battles and want to start competing as soon as we acquire enough...
  4. S

    PC PC BF1 mature clan age 21+ EU NA

    Recruiting for NA and EU on PC, must be age 21+ and use Mic. We are an established PS4 clan now starting a Battlefield group on PC. Not many of us on PC yet but we will be recruiting hard to grow quickly, anyone who can help with this would be great. We have a discord site -...
  5. M

    Xbox Live Commix Gaming Xbox one Recruiting

    I am the founder/leader of the multi-gaming clan Commix Gaming. We are a gaming organization that focuses on winning as a team more then individual performances. Our main goal is to win games and help every member preform to the best of their ability. We are a competitive/casual clan the always...
  6. Carlos

    First Look at They Shall Not Pass DLC

    On March 13, Electronic Arts and D.I.C.E. unveiled their next DLC, "They Shall Not Pass." Learn more about the new downloadable content, available soon...
  7. A

    Multi Citizen X Gaming [cX]

    Citizen X Gaming started off as World Gaming Syndicate [SYN] back in 2015 with one goal in mind, for gamers from all over the world to come and find like-minded soldiers. In a little over a year, SYN has established themselves in both the casual and competitive scene. We're a clan that...
  8. Carlos

    Any Battlefield 1 impressions?

    I know the game has been out for a while now, so how is BF1? How is the game compared to the Battlefield 1 Beta?
  9. Carlos

    Battlefield 1 Launch Trailer

    D.I.C.E. & Electronic Arts released the launch trailer of Battlefield 1. The game is out now, and you can experience all of this, and more...
  10. Carlos

    New Battlefield 1 trailer focuses on Single Player and Story

    Electronic Arts and D.I.C.E. released a new trailer today focusing around BF1's Single Player mode, and story details. Enjoy this action-packed Battlefield 1 trailer...
  11. C

    BF1 Spawn

    In the BF1 beta, we sometimes find ourselves in the deploy screen then go to the scoreboard, and then go back to the deploy acreen to play.
  12. MrThomArt

    PSN [PS4] sNs is recruiting players for BF4/BF1

    Hey there! sNs, short for “Soldiers Never Sleep”, is recruiting for BF4 and BF1 for our PS4 clan. Be sure to drop a link to this website when asked how you found the clan. About sNs sNs was formed in 2011 and is still alive and very much kicking to this day! We are an international based clan...
  13. Carlos

    New Battlefield 1 trailer debuts at GamesCom 2016

    Electronic Arts and D.I.C.E. unveiled the World Premiere trailer of Battlefield 1's new map. In this map, you are going to the desert, and you are able to use horses in here. Enjoy this high octane, high intensity, Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer!
  14. Carlos

    New Battlefield 1 video talks vehicles

    On August 11th, Electronic Arts released a new video talking about Battlefield 1's vehicles. Go behind the scenes with D.I.C.E developers on what makes BF1 so special...
  15. Carlos

    New Battlefield 1 video talks weapons

    On August 4th, Electronic Arts released a new video talking about Battlefield 1's weapons. Go behind the scenes with D.I.C.E developers on what makes BF1 so special...
  16. Carlos

    Battlefield 1 Gameplay Revealed

    At Electronic Arts' very own pre-E3 2016 event called EA Play, D.I.C.E. and EA revealed Battlefield's gameplay. It's here, and it's looking impressive so far!
  17. R

    Xbox Live Rapture Gaming

    As this forum is dedicated to fans and prospective owners of the latest battlefield game, I would like to introduce Rapture Gaming. A gaming community dedicated to gamers of different nationalities and more importantly different games. The latest development being a new battalion in the making...
  18. Carlos

    Titanfall 2 to be Fast and Fluid, surprised by fans' reaction to a single trailer

    During Electronic Arts' Investor Day, executives dropped their two cents about TitanFall 2 and Battlefield 1, on how they plan to corner the First Person Shooter merketplace. They currently have 25% in total marketshare in the FPS genre, which is dominated by Activision's many FPS properties...
  19. Carlos

    New Battlefield 1 interview reveals new details

    GameSpot conducted an interview with Lars Gustavsson, the Design Director at D.I.C.E. Here is a snapshot of that interview... Source: Gamespot Interview
  20. Carlos

    New Battlefield 1 details from Twitter session

    On May 10th, the Twitter account @Battlefield had a Q&A session with fans of Battlefield about the upcoming Battlefield 1. There were a few new details revealed by EA/D.I.C.E... - Server Browser is confirmed to be in. - The melee weapons are diverse, each will have their own advantages and...