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  1. The_Legend77

    PSVita Playstation TV Sale!!!

    Carlos giving the big *hint* *hint*. Got the email saying mine shipped...very excited to FINALLY play some UMVC3 on the big screen...and use a controller instead of the Vita.
  2. The_Legend77

    PSVita Playstation TV Sale!!!

    The last time I saw a sale I missed out. I considered the Playstation TV only deal...but when I looked at what I would get on the bundle I figured that was a better deal!
  3. The_Legend77

    PSVita Playstation TV Sale!!!

    Didn't see this so I wanted to post ASAP for those wanting a Playstation TV for cheap! TV only for $20: http://store.sony.com/playstation-tv-zid27-PSTV3000413/cat-27-catid-All-PlayStation-TV?_t=pfm%3Dcategory Bundle for $40...
  4. The_Legend77

    PSVita Summoner night 5 and Clash of heroes 3 are coming to west.

    I'm excited just to see another PSP release! Believe me when I say I pre-ordered mine and am waiting for it to ship. For those who buy it (the physical release bundle), you WILL receive an email saying it's shipped...then you'll have another email saying it has NOT shipped and it will take 8...
  5. The_Legend77

    The PSN ID Sharing Thread

    Cantus_Fraggle Add me as my friends list is small. Please let me know who you are so I won't decline. Also I do not play online a lot, but I do at times. If you are cool with chatting while playing I'm game!
  6. The_Legend77

    Post Your PSN Name

    Cantus_Fraggle I don't really play a lot online...but there are a few games I will play. If anything, I will def chat on the Vita while I play. If anybody sends a request let me know you're from the forum
  7. The_Legend77

    PSVita Sony calls the Vita "Legacy Platform" Outside of Japan/Asia

    Thanks Carlos. Trust me I've heard enough about VitaBoys or whatever they're called to NOT go to their site (NOT just on here either)! It's prob best to step back a bit anyways...I had to buy a thumb stabilizer today (one of my thumbs likes to click and pop a lot when it bends...figured I need...
  8. The_Legend77

    PSVita Sony calls the Vita "Legacy Platform" Outside of Japan/Asia

    I'm not passing judgment on anyone here. I try to stay on a friendly/neutral basis with everyone. While I don't know the story behind people, arguments and all that, I have to admit that this topic in general derailed to a very low point. I don't want to point fingers at anyone or put the blame...
  9. The_Legend77

    PSVita Sony calls the Vita "Legacy Platform" Outside of Japan/Asia

    You know, even without tons of Killzones or Uncharteds, I still feel like I have that "PS3 in your Pocket" feel and lots of great games. The Vita is amazing, and I've been impressed with how the games perform and everything. Screw Sony, I still love my Vita.
  10. The_Legend77

    PSVita Anyone Else Get Disney Infinity 2.0?

    So I finally got a chance to sit down and do some playing. I did one of the games (which comes on a blue hex disc). I haven't done any Toy Box or Story modes, but here's how I feel and what I've noticed so far. 1) You can keep your character levels from the consoles! This ONLY works if you have...
  11. The_Legend77

    PSVita Sony calls the Vita "Legacy Platform" Outside of Japan/Asia

    I will continue to purchase Vita games. However, I am done with Sony handhelds after this...heck I might just be done with Sony all together.
  12. The_Legend77

    PSVita Anyone Else Get Disney Infinity 2.0?

    Actually the base is only connected via bluetooth, not a physical connection. There is a charge cord for the base, but its a USB port. You play it just like the console version. Yeah its more stuff to bring but it'll be great for my daughter.
  13. The_Legend77

    PSVita Anyone Else Get Disney Infinity 2.0?

    I haven't played it yet, but got it as a b-day gift today. So anyone else get the game and have played it yet? I'll probably test it later on to see how it performs. I heard there is some lag or framerate issues, but I'm not too worried about that.
  14. The_Legend77

    PSVita Anyone Seen This Before?

    These types of things don't interest me in the slightest. I know there is an audience out there for this stuff, but I wouldn't waste my time or money on this.
  15. The_Legend77

    Jem and the Holograms Movie

    Oh crap can you imagine if they did a live action Heathcliff (with a CGI on Heathcliff I'm sure). It's bad enough they did Garfield that way (and man those movies sucked). I didn't mind Jem and the Holograms....I was a child and cartoons were cartoons to me. On a side note, years ago some...
  16. The_Legend77

    PSVita Ordered first PS Vita!!!

    Tell us a little on what you're interested in and we can go from there! As far as suggestions without knowing what you're in to: Child of Light Tearaway Gravity Rush (It's a good game, but it's overhyped at times in my opinion) I enjoyed the heck out of these. Tearaway is def a unique game...
  17. The_Legend77

    [PS Vita] Child of Light

    You can move your little light around, lighting hidden areas. You can also move it to chests and other items to collect. This is the only way to collect certain items. You just need to practice on the fights to get a feel for them. Once you do then you are good to go.
  18. The_Legend77

    [PS Vita] Child of Light

    I'm not much of a reviewer, but when a game stands out to me, I feel I should say something about it. Child of Light was on my wish list for a long time, and when I found out we were getting a physical copy in the states, I bought it asap. For under $20, you can't go wrong. I don't really get...
  19. The_Legend77

    PSVita No PSP Sequels...Why?

    I don't think they would sell as much as if they had made it earlier on in the Vita life. Would it have sold systems? Prob not. But they're some fun games that honestly should have moved along with the Vita. Considering all the stuff the Vita is capable of, I believe a Vita made sequel...