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  1. Codebreaker

    The Rock for one more title

    All the blood's real man, it's a technique called blading, which you described. They never use packets. Though they don't tend to use blading/blood at all in WWE anymore, as the product has shifted to PG, and they even went through a stage when they'd stop a match to wipe away the blood from a...
  2. Codebreaker

    The Rock for one more title

    I know. One of my friends is a upcoming women's indy wrestler. That's why I said you make it sound easier than it is. The ring isn't bouncy at all, it's hard canvas, for example.
  3. Codebreaker

    The Rock for one more title

    The Rock won't be wrestling on the 1000th show, or at the very least I highly doubt he will; he's just appearing, that's all. He's already said he'll be at WrestleMania 29 so if the feud with Punk picks up it'll probably go through until then, like the Cena/Rock feud. Unless he wants to come...
  4. Codebreaker

    PSVita Persona 4 ScreenSaver

    Awesome find, thank you! *saves all*
  5. Codebreaker

    Might be going to New York for a school trip :D

    I'm glad you've decided to go - I'm in a similar situation (not the school part though), I have the opportunity to go to the NY/NJ area next year, and I'm going ahead with it because you're only young once.
  6. Codebreaker

    The most amazing thing I've ever seen.

    You've got the right idea.
  7. Codebreaker

    PSVita Just bought Modnation Racers: Road Trip....

    It's better than it's given credit for, but there are definite downsides. The frame rate is one for sure, the lack of online doesn't bother me too much, but one of the worst things IMO is the load times. I'm sort of used to it because I played MNR on the PS3, but for a handheld game especially...
  8. Codebreaker

    The most amazing thing I've ever seen.

    Let me explain: your mistake is thinking that something without real boobs is better than my post containing real (crazy) boobs. :p
  9. Codebreaker

    The most amazing thing I've ever seen.

    So, Mr. Bieber is running a competition related to this song here: He wants his fans to make a song called "Girlfriend", to the same beat. This is one girl's response. And it is freaking incredible. (Even if you hate Bieber, seriously, do yourself a favour and watch her response.)
  10. Codebreaker

    PSVita E3 Discussion Thread

    Can I just make a general comment here? I love video games, I always have and always will. They're a big part of my life, they never fail to make me happy and make up a huge chunk of my personal time - not to mention the money I spend on them. (I live in Australia; I pay a lot more than most...
  11. Codebreaker

    PSVita E3 Discussion Thread

    They're doing a conference at some point during E3 showing off LBP Vita specifically, so that's probably why. I'm going to wait until E3 is totally over before I assess how the Vita did. There could very well be more to come.
  12. Codebreaker

    Wii U rips off Vita interface

    I don't see anything that's a rip off there. As above, if it's Twitter or whatever, then it's made by that parent company and they'd want uniformity in their apps so even the most casual users understand what they're looking at, regardless of the platform.
  13. Codebreaker

    What has happened to the music?

  14. Codebreaker

    PSVita How Do You Get Treasures Of Montezuma Blitz In Australia?

    I don't think we can. I've had a look for it before, but nothing comes up.
  15. Codebreaker

    PSVita Are we all in agreement the AR games are a fail?

    When I play my Vita, it's never under circumstances where I can use the AR cards, so I haven't even tried them. Since they're of no use to me, I just ignore them.
  16. Codebreaker

    PSVita Yet another RUMOR - NFS!

  17. Codebreaker

    Does this make you uncomfortable?

    That gif made me laugh a little. But you said it wasn't the only reason for your banning, so something else probably went on. Tbh I'd cut my loss and move on, because either way, it's just a forum, and it's not a big deal at the end of the day.
  18. Codebreaker

    Justin Bieber Attacks 30 Year Old Papparazi

    Wowza. If I were in his position and people were following me and my partner around taking photos then I'd get pissed off too. To be fair, I can't watch the video for "Boyfriend" because he looks like an andro girl - and a pretty one too. It's confusing! I blame the haircut.
  19. Codebreaker

    PSVita In Depth Comparison PSVITA vs 3DS

    If you were doing an opinion piece then go for gold with what you've got, but you explicitly stated you only want to talk about the facts of each system with no fanboyism. Here's the problem: only some of this stuff is actually concrete facts. And the stuff that is concrete, you could find out...
  20. Codebreaker

    Which Headphone company do you prefer?

    For my radio work - Audio Technica M50 For my Xbox/PC - Turtle Beach X11 For my iPhone/Vita/3DS - Sony Vita in ears I've got a set of Skullcandy Hesh's laying about that I got for cheap as a backup too.