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  1. pittstonjoma

    Do you make money online?

    I don't, but I have family that do My cousin actually makes a living off of YouTube. His father also sells various wares on etsy. It's pretty cool that people can make a living this way.
  2. pittstonjoma

    Which photo editing software do you use?

    I also still use GIMP. I mostly make meme images, but it does the job.
  3. pittstonjoma

    Worst physical pain?

    I blew out my kneecap at my old job several years ago. I was in a lot of pain for months. After a lot of physical therapy, I am back to mostly normal. It hurts when there's bad weather or I do a lot of heavy lifting.
  4. pittstonjoma

    Your Birthday

    Lately I have been going to IHOP with my family for my birthday. We didn't have IHOP here until a few years ago, so now it's a special treat.
  5. pittstonjoma

    Are you a city or country person?

    I used to live in a suburb, and I absolutely hated it. I imagine a city is even worse. Now I live in the middle of nowhere. I hate that most stores are 30 minutes away, but I love the quiet and the trees and the fresh country air. Plus, I am closer to work.
  6. pittstonjoma

    Where do you see yourself 10, 20, 30 years from now are you still going to be a gamer?

    Considering that I have been a gamer close to 30 years already, hey, what's another 30 years? Although I don't play as often as I used to. I have too many things to do and not enough time.
  7. pittstonjoma

    Paper or plastic

    I prefer plastic most of the time. They make great bags for lunch at work. Sometimes I get paper if I get a lot of boxes though. It seems to work better.
  8. pittstonjoma

    How did you find out about Minecraft?

    My boyfriend got me into Minecraft. I have probably played it thousands of hours. I mostly play various modded packs. My favorite one was the original Stoneblock.
  9. pittstonjoma

    Official Thread TMNT: Shredder's Revenge

    I absolutely love this game, although I might be biased because I was a TMNT fan from the beginning.
  10. pittstonjoma

    Are DLCs too expensive?

    Sometimes they can really add up. I'll only buy the dlc if I really loved the main game. Titan Quest is one game that I probably will buy all the dlc for, though, if they keep releasing it.
  11. pittstonjoma

    Oh wow, looks like wireforums is back under a new owner? It's been ages.

    Oh wow, looks like wireforums is back under a new owner? It's been ages.
  12. pittstonjoma

    Last PC game purchased?

    Satisfactory. It's really addicting, and I highly recommend it.
  13. pittstonjoma

    Wired or wireless controllers

    I prefer wireless because you have more freedom of movement. With a cord you can only be so far away from the console, etc. Although I hate having to charge wireless controllers.
  14. pittstonjoma

    Beating/Spanking children

    I'm totally against it.
  15. pittstonjoma

    Gears of War 2: Last Day

    So do I! NEED!!!!!
  16. pittstonjoma

    Does unconditional love exist?

    Yes, but.. I haven't found it in a relationship. What seemed like unconditional love wasn't.. as far as relationships, the only way to tell is time. As for family and good friends, it's more common and easier to tell.
  17. pittstonjoma

    Your absolute favorite movie?

    Gosh, I don't know. The Pick of Destiny, maybe?
  18. pittstonjoma

    Do you still watch movies in theaters?

    I like going with someone, but I've stopped after my ex dumped me. :(
  19. pittstonjoma

    What do you think of Safe Haven laws?

    I am super pro safe haven laws. Better than the kid ending up in a dumpster.
  20. pittstonjoma

    What do you look for?

    Must be intelligent, funny, and kind. Must drink. Must have a job. Must want a lasting relationship. Must not be my ex. <.<