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  1. xNoobshot

    Halo Franchise on PC Pricing!

    That's right, the folks over at Xbox Announced during E3 2019, the pricing of each Halo game for the Microsoft Store and Steam. Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) Will be coming out this year to PC, by speculation and will feature 6 Titles of the franchise. Halo: Reach (The newest addition...
  2. xNoobshot

    CoD: MW New Engine Analyzed by DF.

    Digital Foundry analyzed the new engine running Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  3. xNoobshot

    Official Thread Modern Warfare

    @Carlos I'm super freaking excited for this! This thread was the first I saw about it anywhere.
  4. xNoobshot

    Purchased my first Alienware!

    This is true. However, at the time of purchasing this system, early May of 2018. GPU prices were inflated. a GTX 1070 was $1,000 that's only a GPU. So in all the system was on sale for $1,550. I'm happy with it so far :)
  5. xNoobshot


    | VISION DUSK Combat Force is a top tier gaming organization and community founded in 2008 on the fundamental merits of respect, loyalty, and camaraderie. We have always remained authentic to our beliefs by following the motto “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Four simple words that together stand as...
  6. xNoobshot

    Purchased my first Alienware!

    As the title says, I purchased my first Alienware PC, the Alienware Aurora R7. SPECS Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.2GHz 16GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1070 8GB 1TB HDD+16GB Intel Optane All-in-one Liquid cooler for the CPU. Windows 10 Home. I'm super excited and looking forward to playing on this machine. Will...
  7. xNoobshot

    Long time Gamer

    Welcome, Syndrome! Hope you enjoy your stay here at DestroyRepeat!
  8. xNoobshot

    Official Thread Resident Evil 7

    The game looks great but I'm not too sure if I'm going to get it. I mean don't get me wrong, it looks tense and will make me look over my shoulder if I played it. I just get a outlast vibe from it. who know's, maybe this will be a great title!
  9. xNoobshot

    ROCCAT "Cross" - Latest Headset from ROCCAT

    ROCCAT, for those whodon't know is a well-known peripherals manufacturer. ROCCAT has tons of useful stuff from keyboards and mice to a dedicated keyboard for your phone. Well today I want to bring you the latest headset from ROCCAT named "Cross". This headset was designed for both PC and...
  10. xNoobshot

    Halo 4: Master Chief Shipwreck (DestroyRepeat Exclusive)

    Hello everyone! Well to kick off the new year I made a free DestroyRepeat Halo themed wallpaper! Enjoy!
  11. xNoobshot

    Happy new year!

    Happy new year!! I hope everyone has a safe and fun night! I'm drinking some Smirnoff Ice. Cheers to 2017!
  12. xNoobshot

    What did you get for XMAS!?

    Feel free to share on what you got for Xmas! Santa brought me a Xbox One S 1TB Gears of War Bundle Edition :D Picture from my Instagram:
  13. xNoobshot

    Halo 5: Master Chief Wallpaper

    Desktop Preview
  14. xNoobshot

    Halo 5: Master Chief Wallpaper

    Edited by myself. Image is a PREVIEW ONLY Program: Photoshop CS5 Info: Destroyrepeat url is in the top left of image as a watermark. Official wallpaper does NOT have "By Raddect" on it.
  15. xNoobshot

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas!