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Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase Feb 21 2024

Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase – February 21, 2024

It has been a while since Nintendo last released a Nintendo Direct presentation. Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct that focuses around their third party games. However, I must highlight something from this particular Nintendo Direct, that has people talking. Prior to this presentation, there was rumors Nintendo’s presentation was delayed due to a recent Xbox Podcast that was put out last week. That was indirectly confirmed during the Partner Showcase, by announcing two Xbox Game Studios games being released …on a Nintendo console. Now, this is not actually a surprise, because this is not their first third party title being released on a Nintendo console – it’s just that Microsoft just acquired Activision Blizzard. There were rumors that Microsoft would go third party, and abandon the Xbox console and/or brand.

That said, the Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase showed off Grounded, and Pentiment – both are Xbox Games Studios titles. Along with that, Nintendo announced that Nintendo Switch Online is getting a slew of Rare-developed titles: R.C. Pro-Am, Snake Rattle N’ Roll, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs, Blast Corps, and Killer Instinct…

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