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Windows 11 Revealed

On June 24, 2021 – Microsoft unveiled the Next Generation version of Windows. Before this update, Microsoft released a few updates to get ready for Windows 11. These updates are known as “Version 21H1.” If you have Windows 10, update your computers now. The majority of these updates are silent, quiet security updates which also comes packaged with nibble little quality of life improvements. Along with this update, Microsoft released “Package Manager” to collect feedback, bugs, issues before Windows 11 is released. Important to note is that Microsoft leaked Windows 11 before this announcement on June 24th. So, by the time the official communication from Microsoft was released, many technology journalists, and observers got their hands on Windows 11.

The Xbox division at Microsoft also released their statement on Windows 11, they said that Microsoft is unifying both Windows and Xbox to bring a seamless experience for PC players. With the release of xCloud, and Xbox Game Pass, this “Play Anywhere” philosophy blur the lines of integration between Windows and Xbox. Concurrent with the announcement, Microsoft released an official demonstration of the Windows 11 interface…

No official release date has been confirmed for Windows 11, but Microsoft has penciled a Holiday 2021 release window. I don’t know about you, but Halo Infinite‘s release hinges on its compatibility with Windows 10, Windows 11, AND Xbox Series S & X consoles. Most of the features that is pre-installed with Windows 11 is already available in Xbox Series S and X in some shpae or form.

There’s a strong chance that Halo Infinite and a major Xbox Series S and X update ships with Windows 11 based on my connecting dots. Microsoft penciled Halo Infinite for Holiday 2021, and I’m seeing the same with Windows 11. Both can be delayed at a moment’s notice, so don’t be surprised. Which is probably why they’re extremely quiet about everything. They want this to be a topic of the holidays.

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