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Call of Duty is Going Dark

Activision seems to be preparing for a Call of Duty 2019 reveal. Just hours ago, the Call of Duty account on Twitter changed the background and avatar to go “dark.”

Apparently, they’ve also updated the Instagram, and Facebook accounts with the same background/avatar. That’s not all, the foreign Call of Duty accounts have these taglines as alternatives to “Going Dark.”

  • “Silence on the radio.”
  • “Silence on the air.”
  • “We start.”
  • “Lights out.”
  • “Radio silence.”
  • “Prepare for the infiltration operation.”

It has been said that Call of Duty 2019’s reveal will take place on May 30th, but this is 2 days before… What’s going on here…?

Furthermore, the same leaker expanded on the original announcement by saying the following…

  • Reveal is May 30th
  • A LOT will be revealed May 30, not just a trailer
  • Campaign will feature modern day terrorism – Soft reboot (think God of War, Spider-Man etc)
  • A lot is changing this year and for the better for CoD and its community

Stay Tuned for more information on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as it is available.

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