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Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio and Xbox One S at E32016

Microsoft had a busy week during E3 2016. Fresh out of the gate, Microsoft reveals that they’ve acquired LinkedIn for a combined $26.2 Billion…

This has nothing to do with gaming, but still relevant. The fact that Microsoft has acquired LinkedIn is huge; It provides many opportunities for integration across Office 365, Skype, and Bing. A video on YouTube provides insight to the reason why Microsoft wanted to buy LinkedIn and one of those ideas was that Microsoft can integrate LinkedIn into Xbox Live to connect you to the power-players of gaming.

At Microsoft’s annual E3 Media Briefing, Microsoft announced that they’re working on “Project Scorpio,” rumored to be a much powerful Xbox One model. So far, the specs are: 8 Cores, 6 teraflops, 320GB/s memory bandwidth, 4K Gaming, VR Gaming, 60 Hz rendering, will be Backward and Forward compatible…

Microsoft also unveiled Xbox One S, a slimmer Xbox One. Microsoft says that the “S” model is more powerful than the original Xbox One. The new model has a 2TB Hard Drive, an internal Power Supply, will be HDR enabled, will have IR Blaster, and is 4k Ultra HD. To go along with the remodel of Xbox One, it has a new Xbox One controller, it will be wireless, bluetooth-powered, and have an increased range.

The new Xbox One S will ship in August, and will cost $299. Nope. Not kidding. In fact, you can buy the old model at $279 today. Again, I’m not kidding.

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