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Lots of Multiplayer Tips if you Struggling in Black Ops 3

Are you struggling with getting a good K:D ratio on Black Ops 3? Check out these useful tips to help you improve.


Here are a few general tips and knowledge I have to offer after putting many hours into this game.

  • Play Free For All. Top 3 positions count as a win, plus a lot of gun fights to level guns (and your rank) up and get camos faster. Short games & wins also means more cryptokeys. Nuk3towm is also (obviously) a good source of xp.
  • Doing challenges ranks you up faster and guns/specialists all have respective challenges, so switch it up! Focusing on camos and specialists outfits will rank you up faster.
  • Rapid fire on slower guns is a good idea. Sheiva and Man o war are great with rapid fire.
  • Speaking of the sheiva, it is one of the best guns in the game with high caliber (one shot headshot kill) and rapid fire. And its can shoot down UAVs in one clip. (without fmj)
  • Dont use suppressors (usually), you will lose way more gunfights, range is drastically lowered. If you need to use them, the kn44 and kuda, and actually the Snipers are best with them. Also, you can equipt suppressor and long barrel at the same time to counteract the range drop.
  • Yes, suppressors are actually good on sniper rifles in this game.
  • LMG’s are back, try them out even if you like to rush, sprint speed isn’t insanely slow with them.
  • Most maps have 3 lanes, meaning there are three main ways your enemy can advance to you, tying into the next tip.
  • Pay more attention to your minimap! Can’t stress this one enough, lots of people don’t have blast suppressor on. And don’t just focus on where the enemy is, pay close attention to where you team is, if your teammates are looking down the left lane and you are in the middle, your right flank is most vulnerable, so watch it.
  • The start menu shows the whole map, including the red dots of people shooting. EVEN IN HARDCORE AND SND
  • Taunts/Gestures are done in the winners circle. You must equip a taunt/gesture to your specialist first, then activate it in the winner’s circle with the d-pad. (A taunt is done automatically by 1st place, Gestures are done with d-pad by all three)
  • You can show off gun camos/paintjobs in the winner’s circle if you create a variant of that gun, then equip you specialist to showcase that variant.
  • Sound whoring is back, set your audio settings to supercrunch,(menu – options – audio – audio presets) and lower all audio except SFX, which include footstep sounds, and use awareness. Especially useful in FFA and SND.
  • High caliber works wonders when hunting for camo headshots. Also, the flare reticle on the reflex sight has the smallest “dot,” allowing for more precision.
  • Burst weapons are extremely powerful in this game. XR2, M8, and Pharo are some of the best in the game. With quickdraw, you can one-burst most people close range before they can even get their gun up.
  • If you like winning, use the H.A.T.R. It was my first permanent unlock after prestiging and is a great scorestreak. It gives you lots of assist xp and lets your teammates get their scorestreaks much easier.
  • Use your launchers on scorestreaks! It gets you points toward you killstreaks, helps your team tremendously, and helps you rank up faster; Extra xp for shooting it down, and extra bonus xp for winning for often.
  • Speaking of destroying scorestreaks, specialist weapons are even better than launchers at shooting things down. I got 600 points in 4 seconds one time for holding my scythe down on an incoming bombing run.
  • You can shoot down all scorestreaks; UAV/Counters, care package choppers, RAPS choppers, HATRs, bombing runs, and the higher ones count for even more xp than a kill.
  • There are countless spots to use as cover, and lots of people sit behind them, so you should too. You will lose more gunfights than you win if the enemy is behind cover and you’re not.
  • The previous bullet means that this game plays slower than Advanced Warfare, so slow down! I don’t mean camp in the back of the map, but ADS around corners and check popular cover spots/headglitches before you start sprinting again, you will get much higher killstreaks this way.
  • Map control is huge in this game, if you’re in a party, communicate with them not to push very close to the enemy spawn and you will know where the other team is coming from at all times.
  • When you’re getting those last few Specialist challenges, use the overclock perk.
  • Your class set-up isn’t what is going to make you get more kills/points, your gun skill and map control is. Practice accuracy by warming up on recruit bots, snapping on target as fast as you can, and only shooting at their heads. This helps tremendously, even if it seems like a bore.
  • If you die in SnD, watch the killcam and which direction he goes AFTER he kills you, then tell your team. (if you’re in party chat)
  • (added by Hi_Im_Saxby) Running the Varix scope on its lowest zoom makes getting long shots way easier. Shortens the range required for a kill to be given a long shot medal. Great for grinding the long shot camo challenge for AR’s (and I think snipers have them as well)
  • (added by Hi_Im_Saxby) Need one shots with the low-damage snipers? Hardcore TDM all the way.

For snipers and OBJ players, I will be working with a YouTuber on an SnD spawn snipe spots, and Domination Granade spots series soon, along with many more videos on more tips. Plus, his gun skill is insane and entertaining to watch. Its not my channel, but a guy I’ve been playing with for a couple of years. Check GavinAcity out on YouTube.

Source: Frostee47 @ reddit