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Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC Features Firing Range Remake

So must of us already know about the upcoming Uprising DLC Map Back 2 for BO2 coming out in less than 2 weeks, and as usual, we’re pumped (especially for the zombies… Alcatraz!?).

More news that is sure to make or break your day has come in that the map “Studio” will be a re-invented version of the popular, fan-favorite map “Firing Range” from the original, 2-years old original Black Ops. It will most likely be like Nuketown 2025, in the case that it is the same exact as its original map but with different design, or it may have a few tweaks here and there. After all, you don’t just go from a place to practice guns to a full-on studio.

Is Treyarch lazy, you may ask. I am, because I waited 2 hours to write this since I was tired. Maybe they are, but hey, Firing Range was preeeety epic in my opinion, especially since it had a lot of references to Zombies, in terms of the PaP flag, and if you go outside of the map, there’s a sign referencing Zombies. Still, no gun and game mode. Gutted!


Leave in the comment section below and tell us what map you’d like to see return from whichever CoD. Personally, I’d like to see Nuketown and Firing Range, but – oh hey, wait a minute. : D

Besides those, I’d be cool if they brought back, awesomely reinvented versions of Highrise, and they brought back the Face-Off mode from MW3. Highrise was great because of all the awesome sniping spots and its great design, and FaceOff was great to play with friends since it is compact.

Yeeeerp. First blog. Not bad.