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Top weapons to succeed in ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’ revealed

According to posts from the “Call of Duty” community page on Thursday, Treyarch producer Miles Leslie said part of his strategy is to maintain a high kill to death ratio and equip his soldier with high mobility features.

“Some would call me a Slayer, I just think it’s part of my job to roll the other team. Each of the people I play with has a pretty solidified roll, and mine is to rack up kills and earn Scorestreaks – aka supporting my team by ensuring the enemy team is always respawning.

“My class is all about having high mobility to flank and get through enemy lines, as well as being able to take down 2 to 3 enemies at a time or in a row – this is why I use the EVO with extended clip and laser sight.

“Busting into a room and being able to ADS or hipfire down several enemies before having to reload is key. And since I am always on the go and putting so many shots on targets, I roll with Scavenger to ensure I have enough ammo in my clip.

“To top it all off, I like to roll with Hardline so I can constantly be earning Scorestreaks, supporting my team,” Leslie said.

Treyarch associate artist Geoffrey Ng said he is also a player who focuses on his kill to death ratio versus the game’s objective.

“I’m more of a K/D player than someone who plays to the objective – it’s just my style. My perks keep me mobile and fast: I can be accurate when I hip fire and aim down my sights with my primary, and stay silent when I need to when I use my pistol.

“My lethal and tactical equipment are just bonuses for me,” Ng said.

Associate game designer Matt Scronce said the mode he tends to play most often is Domination.

“The team I play with tends to roll Domination quite a bit, so I’ve tailored a class specifically for capturing Domination points that works really well with my play style.

“This class allows me to quickly make it to a point with Extreme Conditioning, lay some suppressive fire with my Mk 48 under smoke, all while being protected from any incoming projectiles thanks to the x2 Trophy System.

“I also throw in Flak Jacket for any incoming explosives and Fast Hands to get my Smoke Grenade and Trophy Systems out as fast as possible,” Scronce said.

Associate artist Caleb Turner talked about the versatile and deadly loadout he loves to go with.

“I love to load out with the Swat-556 because in my hands, it’s an extremely deadly and versatile weapon in both close-quarter and long-range engagements.

“The attachments give me more control and compliment the abilities my chosen perks provide. Flak Jacket helps to protect me from all of the chaotic explosions on the battlefield, while Ghost keeps me hidden out of view from any UAVs above.

“Fast Hands allows me to deploy my Tactical Insertion quickly behind enemy lines and toss away my Semtex with ample time to get back on target with deadly precision.

“I’ve got a predatory playstyle, so I like to equip Dexterity, because I frequently change positions to situate myself on higher ground with the ease of acquiring targets quickly after sprinting,” Turner said.

Treyarch level designer Thomas Schneider said he tends to use four to five different loadouts depending on the game mode and map.

“I personally use 4-5 different load outs depending on the map and game mode, but this one is my main go-to for my play style. I feel it offers me an all-around versatility, making it pretty safe to use in most situations and modes.

“I have additional survivability with Flak Jacket when playing defensively, Extreme Conditioning lets me move faster from objective to objective when I’m on the attack, and Hardline gives me some extra help to make sure I’m obtaining my higher Scorestreaks when a high K/D is my strategy – perfect for my style of play,” Schneider said.

Game designer Anthony Flame said he prefers the SCAR because it provides consistent damage and can win most gun fights.

“With the SCAR as my primary, I have consistent all-around damage capabilities, with solid penetration, and can win most gunfights as long as I can control my recoil. Stock will make me harder to hit while strafing, and silencer will make me harder to find.

“FHJ and EMP allow me to pick up extra score against enemy equipment and Scorestreaks. With claymore and scavenger, I can keep a consistent eye on my back to avoid being flanked.

“Flak jacket allows me to survive well placed grenades, nearby Scorestreak explosions, and the adaptability to go for an objective when necessary,” Flame said.

Treyarch online director Dan Bunting said his class is more geared toward objective based games modes.

“This is a class designed for objective game modes playing in a midfield position. I’m a naturally aggressive player (i.e., I kill but also get killed a lot), so I try to temper my aggressive tendencies with a counter-balance of pushing ahead in the field then holding a forward defensive position.

“This class supports medium- to long-range engagements with a high-power assault rifle, which is loaded out for attachments to support firing from ADS. The perks and tacticals are designed to seek out and destroy enemy defenses and Scorestreak rewards on the ground so that my teammates can push into objective locations and the enemy’s base of operations.

“Blind Eye allows me to hold my position at all times, even when the sky is filled with enemy aircraft,” Bunting said.

What loadouts are your favorite to play with in “Black Ops 2?”

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