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OpTic Gaming Hector Rodriguez Explains Why Call of Duty Will Be Huge In…

Hector “OpticH3CZ” Rodriguez is the owner of OpTic Gaming and a popular eSports caster. The former Call of Duty pro gamer launched his own advertising agency, Eon Interactive. He works closely with Gamma Labs, one of Eon’s clients, in connecting its products, including G Fuel, with gamers.

Mission: Gunship was the first of what is expected to be multiple big events hosted by Gamma Labs. Held in College Station, Texas, the sweepstakes allowed Call of Duty gamers to experience a taste of what real warfare is like. Three winners, Christian Gaytan, Burke Herr and Victor Lee Byrne, were flown to Texas (where everything’s supposedly bigger) to spend a day blowing things up. The trio of gamers were instructed by Special Forces soldiers and were able to fire a variety of real weapons, including a helicopter-mounted mini gun.

Rodriguez talks about Call of Duty: Black Ops II and its place in eSports for 2013 in this exclusive interview.

How did you become a pro gamer?

By playing a lot…and by pro gamer I am calling myself a person who gets paid to play video games. There is a difference between a “pro gamer” that does what I do, which is the entertainment side of gaming, and there are pro gamers who are the eSports athletes.

What’s involved in going from just being good at Call of Duty to being paid to play it?

Being entertaining, it’s not all about skill anymore. It’s about being an entertaining person, if you’re really good at the game. So you have to have one of two things, you can either be really good at the game and be entertaining because of how good you are, or you can be okay at the game and be entertaining because of your personality. I’m the second.

What are your thoughts on what Treyarch has built into Black Ops II for eSports?

My business partner and good friend Hastr0, Michael Rufail, is actually the eSports advisor for Activision. So I know that his knowledge of the game, he’s been a pro gamer – an actual professional gamer – for over six years now. What he’s helped Activision bring to the table is incredible. He knows the ins and outs of professional Call of Duty gaming, so they went with the right guy.

What’s going on here at Mission: Gunship?

We’re shooting guns and having a blast. It’s probably the best vacation I’ve ever taken. It’s a one-day vacation, but we get to ride in a Huey and shoot a minigun out of it every. To have the opportunity to do this is incredible, and I have to thank G Fuel for that. We’re here because of the Mission: Gunship contest. If you’re a fan of what we do, a fan of G Fuel, a fan of Gamma Gamers – if you bought Gamma product you got raffled into an opportunity to come out here and hang out with WoodysGamertag and myself and shoot guns all day, and fly in a helicopter all day long, and be treated like a movie star, so it’s pretty amazing.

What impact do you think Black Ops II will have on the pro gaming circuit next year?

It’s going to have the biggest impact it has ever had in the last year. Because of the implementation of the eSports component with Activision, we’re going to be able to have it actually on the MLG circuit. It’s going to be bigger than ever, simply because of all the components that they’re putting on it.

What are you most excited about when it comes to the multiplayer changes in Black Ops II?

I’m just excited to play it. Any changes, anything that they add on to make the game better, I’m very excited about. I don’t tend to focus too much on the negative side, like lag compensation that was on Modern Warfare 3. I think that with Activision’s Black Ops II, we’re going to be seeing a lot more. Not only is it the most beautiful game I’ve actually had the chance to play, it’s the most beautiful Call of Duty I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been around since Call of Duty II. So for me to be here and see it from what it once was to what it is now, thanks to David Vonderhaar and the guys at Treyarch, I think that it’s amazing. Even the sound in the game is just an incredible thing. You actually hear surround sound like you’ve never heard before. I’m excited about the game, period, not just multiplayer. I’m excited about everything about it, including zombies.

What’s your favorite flavor of G Fuel?

Lemon-lime. Not only is it tasty — it’s the most tastiest out of all of them — but it’s also my team colors, so it fits right in, OpTic gaming.


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