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Black Ops 2 Nuketown revived with Chaos Moshpit

It has been something of a roller coaster ride for Black Ops 2players over the last 24 hours. As most of you know, the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map was available for selection online for those that had pre-ordered the game, as an added incentive for the early purchase. The map has instantly become a fan favorite on Black Ops 2 just like its predecessor, but for some reason Treyarch decided that its inclusion on the Nuketown 2025 24/7 playlist was to be no more and swiftly removed the map from online play along with the end of the double XP weekend.Black Ops 2 Nuketown revived with Chaos Moshpit

As you can imagine, Black Ops 2 players who pre-ordered the game just to play this map primarily were not too keen on the move and began to vent their frustration at any Treyarch developers they could find on Twitter. One of these was lead game designer David Vonderhaar who appeared to be just as bemused as the fans, on why the only online Nuketown 2025 playlist had been removed.

Thankfully, we’re happy to confirm that the problem appears to have been fixed instantly. Within the last few hours, Vonderhaar has worked his magic and managed to create a new playlist for Black Ops 2 online called ‘Chaos Moshpit’ – which will once again allow you to gain XP online on the Nuketown 2025 map.

Aside from the Nuketown map, the Chaos Moshpit will include include other smaller Black Ops 2 maps such as Carrier, Cargo, Express, Hijacked, Slums and Standoff – all of which will be playable on a variety of different game modes. A further word of warning though for those thinking that this is a done deal.

Vonderhaar has said in a separate Tweet that no playlist is guaranteed to last forever. He did state though as well that the Chaos Moshpit should be sticking around for a while now. From our point of view though – how can they ever justify removing Nuketown 2025 from online play when consumers paid good money to play it as an incentive? The day Treyarch removes it again is the day when another new can of worms are opened and yet more bad PR for Activision takes its course.

What is your reaction to the confusion regarding the Nuketown 2025 map on Black Ops 2? Is it still hard for you to believe that they initially planned to remove it until future ‘special events’? Don’t forget to check out a Black Ops 2 Wii U graphics comparison here.

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