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Black Ops 2 developer insight and zombies tease

A new multiplayer reveal trailer for Black Ops 2 with insight from the developers is a great way to see some of the new weapons in action along with added perks and the best ways to combine content to great affect. Those of you still waiting for a trailer on zombies will have to hang on a bit longer although some interesting teases may wet your appetite for the time being.

Black Ops 2 dev insight and zombies tease

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer reveal trailer shows off some great new features and the graphics look pretty good as well. This footage is an ideal way to hype up the excitement and it can be seen through this link on Gaming Everything. Narrating what happening throughout the video the developers are hoping fans will be pleased with what they see, and suggestions have been made to watch it more than once, as there are some interesting details you could probably miss the first time around.

With the developers doing their own video you get a better sense of what is available and their excitement for the game makes it great to watch, although some fans are under the impression that the improvements have not enhanced the CoD franchise. There are a certain amount of gamers feeling that too many changes affect the familiar feel of the game, which many love. Those more interested in the zombie aspect will be pleased to know that Treyarch acknowledge how eagerly anticipated this mode is, and they have published what looks like the achievement icon for zombies with an image up on their official Twitter account.

In our most recent Black Ops 2 post, we spoke a leak pulled from Youtube this week confirmed by Activision to be a developmental build, and that this is not from the final game. Before this, we also wrote an article about evidence of Black Ops 2 on Wii U increasing with the possibility that this could be an ideal situation to use the highly anticipated game and a launch title for Nintendo’s next console. Are you more concerned about news on the zombie mode?

Source: InEntertainment.