Nintendo Reveals Harmo Knight, New Game From the Creators of Pokemon

Nintendo of Japan broadcasted a Nintendo Direct episode a couple days ago. One of the highlights of the broadcast was the unveiling of Game Freak’s latest game. Game Freak is known for their Pokemon series of games, but their latest title isn’t Pokemon. It’s a new game that will be released on the 3DS eShop, titled Harmo Knight.

Gameplay shown from the Nintendo Direct episode

Based on the gameplay shown on Nintendo Direct, the game seems to be a hybrid of rhythm and side-scrolling mechanics. Being a sort of beat ’em up in terms of gameplay, but you’ll need to fend off enemies in a rhythmic way. This being a Game Freak game, it’s not too surprising to see a reference to Pokemon being made as on the musics being played in the game is the always popular Pokemon battle song.

Harmo Knight will be available in the Japan eShop on September 5th with a demo of the game already available.