Black Ops 2 Score in Matches Won’t Directly Translate to XP – Gameranx

While you might already be up to your neck when it comes to Black Ops 2 multiplayer info, we still have more. Remember when Treyarch unveiled the revamped create-a-class loadout during Gamescom? What about scorestreaks replacing killstreaks? Well, now it seems even how you earn XP in the game is getting changed.

Normally in Call of Duty multiplayer, once you kill someone for 100 points, that’s the XP you earn. This won’t be the case in Black Ops 2. David Vonderhaar, game director for Black Ops 2, has confirmed this in a tweet.

Unlike all previous games, the number in the center of the screen is the * Score * you earn for doing something. Not the XP earned. +

Of course, we don’t know how this exactly works now. Does getting a headshot net you more score but not more XP? What about revenge kills, comeback kills and all that sort? Hopefully, we’ll know this and more before Black Ops 2 hits on November 13 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

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