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More Street Fighter x Tekken PlayStation Vita features arrives

With SFxTekken heading to PSVita rather soon, I’ve decided to bring you news that’s been popping up since June. The first one is about Street Fighter x Tekken’s cinematic trailer that tells you more about the story of SFxTekken.

Christie and Lei visit some business person. When they leave, Lei’s tipped off about Shadowloo following them. Dudley and Elena enjoy their spoils in an airplane. Sakura, and Blanka run through the airport to find someone.. only to have Bryan pick up a mystery box, which turns out to be a morphed machine known as Jack X. Guy and Cody investigate what’s going on. Meanwhile, Lei tries to escape from Shadowloo, Christie not withstanding. They come to a dead end, and find Balrog crashing the party. They try to escape, only to be boxed in with Vega’s tactics. They got all into a fight until Cammy and Chun Li arrives to help out. Then panned out to Guy and Cody overhearing a conversation that Juri was having…

Features include…

– With PlayStation Vita’s Near technology, you can broadcast your character customizations.
– You can also pick up these customizations.
– It’s called Adhoc; you can request a battle with nearby players.
– You can exchange your fight replays to other players nearby.
– Local fights are allowed.
– You can collect something called “KO Monuments” which is kind of like XBL’s Achievements, or PSN’s Trophies, or Call of Duty’s Ranks into Prestige. Reminds me of Samsh Bros. Melee’s trophies, though.
– You K.O. someone, you earn the KO Monuments.
– There’s a gallery mode where you can see music and movies.
– You can collect sound and music in your battles.
– Augumented Reality is available in SFxT.
– You can photograph your favorite fighters. Anywhere.

Street Fighter x Tekken arrives on PlayStation Vita on October 19th in Europe, on October 23rd in United States, and on October 25th in Japan. Are you ready to battle?