‘Modern Warfare 3′ Player Loses Consciousness

Call of Duty brings out the worst in people. Despite its annually world-record breaking sales numbers and online play records, the franchise continues to split gamers down the middle. It’s arguably the most trolled entertainment franchise every, but also one of the most in-demand and addicting.

When Black Ops came out, GameStop employees were robbed at gunpoint for some copies. When Modern Warfare 3 came out a year later, armed gunmen robbed a delivery truck in France carrying copies of the game. They do this because the games are that popular and that valuable pre-release. The proof is in the pudding. Take for instance, this one kid who played the game for so many consecutive hours his body shut down.

According to WCMH-TV, 15 year-old Tyler Rigby was taken to the hospital earlier this week for dehydration where he was pumped with fluids. The cause? (Spawn) Camping out in his bedroom for four straight days playing Modern Warfare 3. According to his aunt:
“It’s like he was looking at me but he wasn’t there. It was like he was looking through me. We were talking and I heard a thump and I looked over and he just fell.”

I can’t imagine he was doing that well at the game if he wasn’t even providing his body with the required nutrition. Video games are fun but you’re doing it wrong and losing at the game of life if it takes priority over life’s necessities. Take a break.

Unfortunately for Tyler and his video game passion, he’s going to be forced to going forward since his family is taking away his Xbox. Will that cure the addiction? With Black Ops 2 coming in a few months, hopefully Tyler can ween back to a healthy level of gaming so he can step into the franchise’s take on the future. In all seriousness, we’re happy Tyler’s recovering and we hope this is an isolated incident.


By DestroyRepeat

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