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January reveals new Street Fighter x Tekken recruits

Last month, Capcom revealed a bunch of new characters to the SF x Tekken roster. Capcom released a video revealing these characters. It starts off with Zangief, and Rufus taking the stage, Rufus goes crazy with his moves. Lili and Asuka take the floor and rips it up, Asuka has a beat attitude. Vega and Balrog smashes heads afterwards. Law and Paul punches into the scene with their crazy moves. Juri and Xiaoyu kicks into action.

Once again, Capcom teases that a PlayStation Vita version is in the works. Some gameplay is shown, with this weird little teddy bear, and Cole fighting.

Updates are based around Capcom's updates for the game. Blame them. Not me.
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  • February 23, 2013