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MW3 Multiplayer Briefing videos

At Call of Duty XP, Eric Hirshberg, the new C.E.O. of Activision kicked off the event and talked about multiple topics. Eric welcomed the Call of Duty fans to CODXP 2011, he discussed where the money gathered from Call of Duty XP attendees will be going – the Call of Duty Endowment, which is a non-profit charity to help former, on-duty, or after-duty military personnel find jobs in today’s economy. He talked up about how Call of Duty fans play a role in bringing about record-breaking sales with their passion surrounding Call of Duty. He also revealed that the one million dollar tournament is going to pit pros against G.I. Joes. Finally, he unveiled the fan-made sequel to Find Makarov [movie here] called Operation KingFish. We’ve got to find Makarov! And soon!

If you’ve seen the Multiplayer reveal last week shortly before Call of Duty XP went live, then you’ve already seen the following….

Next up, Robert Bowling, and Michael Condrey, the co-founder of Sledgehammer Games talked up how the teams at Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games have taken Call of Duty fans’ feedback and try to make MW3 a great game it is shaping up to be.

KillStreak Rewards are now Strike Packages
3 classes in all: Assault, Support, Specialist
Each have unique killstreaks for you to use in multiplayer modes
In MW2 it was difficult to stick with only 3 killstreak rewards, but now you can chain your killstreaks on 3 different classes – which you can customize to fit your weapon class which in turn fits the multiplayer mode you play frequently
Michael talks up weapon proficiencies which allows you to upgrade your weapons, and these proficiencies are like perks for your own weapons such as [2] attachments, reduced recoil, and so on.
They also showed off detailed matchtype options – possibly for private lobbies
Kill Confirmed is a match type in which you collect the most dogtags for your team
Once you kill a player, he drops a dogtag, you’re to collect them
You can collect your team-mates’ dogtags to help complete that match
Prestige Shop is revealed – It allows you to:
Purchase an Extra Custom Class
Reset All Stats
Get Double XP
Get Double Weapon XP
Unlock Gear
Gain Challenges 1
Gain Challenges 2
Gain Challenges 3
Earn Title and Emblem 1
Earn Title and Emblem 2
Earn Title and Emblem 3
But they’re not free. You have to buy them
Friends list is in
Call of Duty Elite Features are as follows:
You can integrate your username with your facebook account; in fact you can log into facebook with CODElite
It shows your user identity, which platform, and what is your Facebook name
It shows if what you’re doing, where you are at right now
Groups are in; they’re called Elite groups
You can join any type of group, and they use hashtags to find your similar taste
You can create a clan; you can also manage a clan
There’s a player list for clans so you can invite people you want to your party
Elite Console App allows you to check up Elite stuff straight from your console
Elite Mobile App allows you to see your stats, prepare for your match, etc.
The slogan for Call of Duty Elite is “Play together better”

In the wrap-up of Call of Duty XP’s MW3 Multiplayer Briefing, Eric stressed that most of the features on Call of Duty Elite is free. On top of that, all of the DLC’s that are available through Call of Duty Elite are free. See for yourself…

Clan challenges are in
Friday night Fights is in
What started as a meme for Call of Duty games, becomes a feature of Call of Duty Elite
Call of Duty Elite costs $49.99 per year, and people seem excited
Chris Ellis comes out and introduces the custom-made Modern Warfare 3 Jeeps
The vehicle will also be in Modern Warfare 3
Chris talks up the features of the Jeep, and what not
The presentation wraps up and the Tango Down Trailer is shown

Stay tuned for more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as we approach November 8th!

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