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What’s wrong with Capcom gamers?

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 was announced at Comic Con and it was met with a mixed bag of reactions. It has been a really crazy week for Capcom. No matter what they do, they keep getting controversial, both at the event, and on gaming websites such as N4G. But one thing that stood out, that makes you wonder, what the #@^& is wrong with Capcom fans and casual gamers alike? Allow me to explain…

I was creating a thread at MVC3Forum. [this one] And I’m sitting there with different feelings. The annoucement of new characters evoked a lot of cheering joys. Ghost Rider got this crazy pop, Strider got this crazy excited cheer, Hawkeye got this excitement, but Firebrand… everyone went SILENT! #@^&ing silent! With a few laughs…

See for yourself:

…Um. Okay, so let me ask you a question, what the #@^& is so funny about Firebrand’s inclusion? And likewise, what’s so surprising about his inclusion? I’m going to take you back to Feburary, when MVC3 was released. This guy predicted few months before UMVC3 was even teased.

Firebrand in UMVC3

Here’s why I asked: Red Arremer is the name for Firebrand in Japan. He has been a part of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series as an enemy until Capcom decided to make him a hero. He starred in his own game 3 times already: Two Gargoyle’s Quest games for GameBoy, and one game for Super NES, called Demon’s Crest.

So, with this in mind, by now, Firebrand should have been a Capcom “legend.” When I was watching this video:

I was like “Firebrand?” It was an odd addition, but at the same time, it makes a lot of sense. Ghost ‘n Goblins series has been a very iconic name in the platforming genre back in the 1980’s. Notoriously known for the incredible difficulty.

It started as an arcade title, in which it moved into computer and console gaming, it even was released for apple’s iOS platform in 2010, so anyone could have known Firebrand by now. iphone users, ipod users can download the game on Apple’s App store.

I don’t know what’s funny about his inclusion. So I did some digging. I remember Demon’s Crest vividly when I started another thread at MVC3Forum. You wanna see what is all the fuss about? See for yourself:

Capcom went all out with Demon’s Crest which made full use of Super NES’s color palette, Mode 7, and other effects that made Super NES the system to showcase their games. The designers used every arsenal in their programming power to bring about this classic. The game borrows a lot of the stuff from Capcom’s Mega Man X, which was released a year earlier than Demon’s Crest.

What can Capcom do to bring excitement to Firebrand’s inclusion? Well, I have never played Demon’s Crest, but I know about it’s features. Demon’s Crest allows you to collect powers, just like you do in the Mega Man games. My suggestion is to use these transformations, and “powers” as super moves. Show off what Firebrand’s made of.

The second suggestion is to put Demon’s Crest on all downloadable services such as XBLA, and PSN. [Suggested here by me] Do it, Capcom! DO IT!

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