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PlayStation Plus revealed, and detailed

Sony has been indicating for quite some time that they want to launch a premium membership service – in fact, they have conducted a survey about reactions and behaviors towards such a subscription service. It appears that they have been satisfied with the responses, and have resulted in an announcement at this year’s E3. At first, the features, and details were scarce – they’ve remedied this by releasing a trailer that you can see below:

Full Game Trial service: Download and play full trial games – you will try out a uncensored, unrestricted game for a set about of time. Once that time is up, you can decide to buy the actual game. This is seen as a game rental service. Don’t go canceling your GameFly account just yet, boys and girls because this is still on the PSN platform, and not retail games.
Free-Game-If-You-Subscribe: This service is actually tied to your PSPlus account – the longer you keep your account active, and that means paying the monthly or yearly PS+ subscription(s) – the longer you keep your games. Buying PSplus means you bought the games that is attached to the service – so essentially the PSPlus games are free. If your account expires, you can possibly re-access them. Just like your current PSN account – if you delete them from your HDD, you can re-download them, how? Well, what you downloaded is recorded – those red bags? Those are your games.
Special Content: For quite a while, sony has been charging for premium avatars for PSN profiles, wallpapers, and dynamic themes. When you buy the PS+ subscription these special content become free.
Discounts: Do you want game discounts? You got ’em. The price of these discounts vary from company to company, and from month to month.
Early Access: If you want early beta and demo access, PS+ provides them. Much better than these beta code lotteries that usually happen on the internet. Or with promotional pre-orders.
Free access to map packs and DLC’s.

PS+ will arrive on June 29, just after the release of firmware 3.40 which will be on June 22.