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New Rocket Knight Gameplay Trailers

3 months ago, Konami announced there would be a complete reboot of a classic Genesis title called Rocket Knight Adventures, which only had a sequel called Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2 which both were released two years in a row. There was a Super Nintendo version that was released as “Sparkster” the same year as Rocket Knight Adventures 2. Sparkster served as a spin-off and was set in an alternate universe.

Both games sold well enough to make Konami a profit. Mostly because platformers were still popular. What stood Sparkster out from the crowd was that the series had a beautiful scenery – making for vibrant colors. I remember that I wanted to buy Rocket Knight Adventures the first day I laid my eyes on it. We eventually rented it, and I still wanted it. My parents went out and bought it that same week. Although it was a tough choice between it and Blaster Master 2 – another classic I’ve always wanted to buy.

To me, Rocket Knight Adventures was another Mega Man-like game. Where you jump, dash, and shoot. I knew I instantly liked it. Sparkster didn’t have a buster, but he emoted a projectile sword swipe.

So, ten years later, we’re seeing a re-boot, a completely brand new Sparkster game. There have been some trailers posted on GameVideos. The game is making its debut across three platforms. They are PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and Steam.

So far, you’ve been seeing brand new trailers, however, I have embedded an old trailer of the game that was posted back in October, so go ahead and compare if you’d like!

I think the new trailers are better because there is more detail, more refined gameplay, and it looks a little bit responsive. I can’t wait to get my hands on this!

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