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Second MW2 Multiplayer Video!

I posted the first multiplayer video, and I have posted some video leaks, and now I am posting a video straight from Infinity Ward:

The following analysis is being used with permission from iKon (True Talent Leader):

– My first obversation is obvious, Capture the Flag is now a confirmed gametype. It looks to be a multi-flag gametype with no time. Also, you can’t capture your own flag when the enemy has yours. One more thing I noticed about this gametype is right to the right of the mini-map in the top left hand corner, you can see the display of a green flag (indicating your own and whether it’s taken or not) and a red flag (which has the name of the player who has the enemy flag next to it).

– If you pause at 0:21, you can see the [lulz]royceIW9 looks to have some type of blue camouflage on. This could hint at character customization.

– A lot to say here if you pause it at 0:32. First off, there is now a mini-display that pops up right in the bottom center of your screen when you kill someone. Here is what’s on it; Callsigns (if you notice, it says You Killed ‘Silent Veteran’ and throughout the rest of the video, you’ll see other ones such as ‘BOOM Headshot’ and ‘Armed and Dangerous’) and right underneath that, it shows his actual gamertag). Second thing is what I’m assuming is some sort of avatar, it’s right to the right of the callsign and there is a small pic there with guns crossing with the word ’44 Magun’ right underneath it (throughout the video, you’ll see different ones as well including a Skull rotating gold coin, a pic of a shark, a gas mask, a pic of the heartbeat sensor, a pic of scattered bullets and a pic of a soldier). Finally, it also shows the enemy rank.

– If you pause at 0:35, you can see DKo5 run over a weapon pickup and it says ‘SCAR-H Bling’. I’m not quite sure what this means, it could be a temporary way for IW to hide attachments they don’t want us to see, or you could be able to ‘bling out’ your weapons?

– If you pause at 0:45, you can see that the MP5k has been confirmed.

– From 0:44 – 0:58 you can see that UAV has been confirmed and he also got a killstreak reward at 4 kills (AIRDROP), then another at 5 (PREDATOR MISSILE). This obviously means that you can fully customize your killstreaks even down to what kill you get them at? Also, not really sure what AIRDROP could mean but I’m assuming it’s ammo for the team. I’m assuming PREDATOR MISSILE is going to be quite deadly, but by the sounds of it, you’re only going to get one shot.

– If you pause at 1:04, you can see DKo5 run over another weapon pickup and it says ‘UMP45 Extended Mags’. This confirms the UMP45 and extended mags will be in the game. Also in this time period, you can see that [lulz]royceIW9 kills somebody with the riot shield (bashing enabled?).

– If you pause at 1:06, you can see DKo5 run over another weapon pickup that says ‘Tar-21 FMJ’. I’m really wondering what this ‘FMJ’ could mean. I know it stands for Full Metal Jacket and that’s a type of round. So, maybe you can switch what kind of rounds you are using?

– If you pause at 1:13, when DKo5 is flanking player ‘Slime’, he looks quite different than the soldiers encountered earlier, more hints at characater customization.

– If you pause at 1:18, you can see a new challenge called ‘Flag Captured’ for capturing an enemy flag. Seems obvious, but why I pointed this out is you get +250XP. I think this means it’s going to take longer to level up.

– Then there is obviously the last part of the video. Here is what I noticed from it. First off, there is now Host Migration so when the host of the game quits, it doesnt end. It will just find a new player to host and resume the game right where it left off. Another thing is that if you look close enough, it looks like DKo5 has a silencer and a red-dot on that Kriss he is carrying (x2 attachments?). One more thing is that it looks like you can now choose ‘throwing knives’ as an alternative to your primary grenades. Also, there is another new challenge called ‘Bullseye’ and it’s for killing an enemy with a throwing knife and it nets you +175XP. One more thing I noticed is that 402 seems to be using the .50 cal sniper rifle at the end, but when DKo5 kills him, he is only level 11. You get it earlier possibly? Or was it just to show it off? The last and final thing I noticed was a perk maybe? If you notice when DKo5 is approaching 402 at the end, his mini-map fades to all Grey and after he kills him it comes right back.

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